William Gilbert

About 10 years ago when I was 62, I developed an infection in both legs that ended up in them both being amputated below the knee.  I was in the hospital for an extended period to recover from the infection and the amputations.  One day I had a visit from Shane Coltrain from Orthotics and Prosthetics East.  We talked for awhile and he told me he was an amputee too.  I was encouraged to see Shane living a normal life despite his prosthetic and that matched my attitude of being…


Lucy Byrd

I was amputated in 2001 at age 56 from a clot in the arteries on my righ tleg below the knee.  I wasn't depressed because I knew there was a reason God had in mind for me.  Through Shane, I was given the opportunity to visit the new amputees at the hospital to help them deal with their situation.  It seemed I was always given the right words and actions to inspire the new amputees to get up and live their lives to the fullest with the help of Shane…


Sandra Williams-Beatty

Hello my name is Sandra Williams-Beatty and I am a bilateral amputee. It all started when I moved from NY on October 31,2011 I had broke my right leg right above my ankle. Needless to say I had already had one amputation done while in NY since 2010 on my left leg. I was seen at Vidant Medical Center formerly known as Pitt County Memorial Hospital. During that visit they had sent me home to try to heal my leg with bolts and screws and a cast. Well it ended…


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