Sandra Williams-Beatty

Hello my name is Sandra Williams-Beatty and I am a bilateral amputee. It all started when I moved from NY on October 31,2011 I had broke my right leg right above my ankle. Needless to say I had already had one amputation done while in NY since 2010 on my left leg. I was seen at Vidant Medical Center formerly known as Pitt County Memorial Hospital. During that visit they had sent me home to try to heal my leg with bolts and screws and a cast. Well it ended up getting infected and I had to immediately go back to the hospital to seek treatment. This was the most devastating thing since having my first amputation. Once again I was told that my leg needed to be amputated since the infection had spread so far and with me being a diabetic they didn't want this to be a life threatening issue. At that moment that's when I was introduced to Mr. Shane Coltrain who also is an amputee. He spoke to me reassuring me how he would be able to help with me walking again. I began to smile from ear to ear. He was like an angel sent from up above. As I recovered and was released from the hospital, I later went home to let my leg and stitches heal. Once that process was complete, I had my first visit to Mr. Shane Coltrain's office where I received my first measurement for my prosthesis. He worked diligently to help me learn to walk in them. At first I was a little discouraged due to my vision having a major impact on how I would walk again since I am legally blind but Shane reassured me that my vision should not hender my happiness. So as I went to several more appointments I received my prosthetic legs. Both legs were matching which was even better for me in learning to walk again. I was so happy and grateful with my new legs. I felt like I had got a new Christmas gift. From then on I continue to visit with Mr. Shane Coltrain and his staff. I must say I am very pleased at how he helped me adjust with my new legs and walk again. I am able to live life and go about my everyday needs in society. Thanks for everything Mr. Shane Coltrain!!! You have been very helpful in the process of my rehab as well as the new prosthetics you have provided just for me. Keep up the good work and devotion to those amputees both old and new!!!

Yours truly,

Sandra Williams-Beatty

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