Lucy Byrd

I was amputated in 2001 at age 56 from a clot in the arteries on my right leg below the knee.  I wasn't depressed because I knew there was a reason God had in mind for me.  Through Shane, I was given the opportunity to visit the new amputees at the hospital to help them deal with their situation.  It seemed I was always given the right words and actions to inspire the new amputees to get up and live their lives to the fullest with the help of Shane at O&P East.  Shane also helped get the Amputee Support Group started in our area which has been a big success in helping old and new amputees.

I am now 71 years old and when I first met Shane, he was just getting started as a prosthetist.  I realized he knew exactly what we all needed to get up walking, as he has been there and done it himself.  I've climbed ladders, put down hardwood floors, ridden a bike, swam, driven with my left foot, lived alone, built flower gardens, mowed the lawn, painted pictures and anything I need to do because of Shane's inspiration.  In my opinion, Shane is the best prosthetist in the world and I would challenge anyone to differ with me. 

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