Carbon Fiber Anterior Lateral Struts

Carbon Fiber Anterior Lateral Struts

by Alimed

AliMed® Carbon Fiber AFOs Lighter, thinner and stronger than traditional plastic AFOs, AliMed's Carbon Fiber AFOs help manage footdrop, provide stability at mid-stance, and help propel the patient through the gait cycle without sacrificing comfort or appearance. With contact only at the footplate and cuff area, there is no contact in the critical pressure point areas; this, along with reduced heat buildup, enhances overall comfort. The dynamic footplate and strut store and release energy to assist patient through the gait cycle, adding strength with structurally reinforced high-stress areas. Footplates have 10 -15º of forefoot lift beginning around the met heads, yet still allow foot orthotics to be placed over it. Open heel design helps eliminate pressure sores.
Anterior Lateral Struts spiral to the anterior and feature flexible tibia bands to accommodate a wide range of calf circumferences. Used for patients who have medial ankle instability or that evert, pronate, or have valgus. One-piece with continuous strand does not excessively push out of the shoe.

One-piece design with continuous strand does not excessively push out of the shoe and is available with a relief cutout at the tibia crest, which is best for patients that cannot tolerate tibia pressure.


  • Dynamic semi-flexible footplate

  • Promotes natural gait pattern

  • Enhances strength and stability to control torsion forces

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