by Ottobock

The Compact is designed for transfemoral prosthetic users who place a premium on safety and stability but won’t miss all the functionality of microprocessor swing phase control. This knee is excellent for the indoor walker who doesn’t take dramatic shifts in speed or direction. The Compact’s smooth responsiveness, reliability, and stance security is ideal for the person who moves more slowly, but requires the microprocessor stance control to maximize stability. The knee keeps stable when needed, free-swinging during swing phase and always ready to support the user in case of a stumble.


  • Always A Secure Step: The Compact offers tremendous stability. Whether doing chores around the house or yard, the user steps easily with the assurance that the Compact is there ready with support.

  • Stumble Recovery: Whenever the Compact senses that the user is in an insecure position—such as at the start of a trip or stumble—it will increase resistance to provide the support needed to recover.

  • Stand At Ease: A Standing Mode lets the user lock the leg (using a specific motion pattern) between 0º and 30º, conserving energy when standing for longer periods of time. A vibration alert notifies the user when the Standing Mode is engaged and disengaged.

  • Switch Over: Switching between modes is as easy as bouncing on your toe.

Product Details:

Product Weight
43 oz
Weight Limit
275 lbs
Activity Level
2, 3
Proximal Mounting (Top)
Pyramid, Threaded
Distal Mounting (Bottom)
Female, Tube Adapter
Microprocessor- Swing + Stance

Additional information:

Trial Period
36 months
L Code
5828, 5845, 5858
Stance Phase
Swing Phase

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